Active and retired Atlassian Certifications

Besides Atlassian Certifications, there are also a lot more credentials like Skill Batches (ASB), Pro Skill Batches (APB), and Atlassian University Credentials (only with a name) available. I will write another post about them later and focus here on the Certifications.

In the beginning, it was difficult for me to understand the differences between ACP Exam Number and the short Certification Name. But it is so simple: You take, for example, the exam ACP-100 and earn the ACP-JA Certification. Some of the Certifications have been retired because of the support end for server products or have been upgraded automatically.

Please be aware, that the name of the exam, for example, “Project Administration in Jira Server” and the credential “Jira Server Project Administration” sometimes have small differences. Same with the different Usage of “Administration” and “Administrator” or inconsistent usage of “Atlassian” in the names. This created a lot of other different uses by people and makes me read twice and carefully to understand what Certification is meant.

Certifications NameACP Exam NumberStatusPlatform
Jira Software Board ConfigurationACA-905activeCloud
Jira Software EssentialsACA-900activeCloud
Jira Administration for Data Center Certification (ACP-JA)ACP-100activeServer & Data Center
Jira Server Administrator (ACP-JA) was automatically upgraded to Data Center.retiredServer
Atlassian Certified Jira Administrator for Cloud (ACP-JCA)ACP-120activeCloud
Confluence Server Administrator (ACP-CA)ACP-200retired on 28 February 2021Server
Agile Development with Jira Software (ACP-JSW)ACP-300retired on 28 February 2021Server
Jira Service Desk Administrator (ACP-JSD)ACP-400retired on 28 February 2021Server
Atlassian Certified Jira Service Project Manager (ACP-MJSPC)ACP-420activeCloud
Atlassian System Administration (Server) (ACP-SA)ACP-500retired on 28 February 2021Server
Atlassian Cloud Organization Admin Certification (ACP-OA)ACP-520activeCloud
Jira Server Project Administration (ACP-JPA) was automatically upgraded to Data Center.retired on 15 November 2021Server
Atlassian Certified in Managing Jira Projects for Data Center (ACP-MJDP)ACP-600activeData Center
Atlassian Certified Jira Project Administrator for Data Center and Server (ACP-JPA)retiredServer & Data Center
Atlassian Certified in Managing Jira Projects for Cloud (ACP-MJCP)ACP-620activeCloud
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