DJ Legit

Meet me as DJ Legit, in my young years. Embarking on my professional journey in 2004, I carved a path through the vibrant club scene, igniting nights with my electrifying R’n’B, Hip Hop and sometimes also House music mixes. While my club presence ceased in 2019, I still enjoy the rare moments of getting back on the turntables.

Instead of writing a boring biography,
I’d rather got asked 10 questions in the year 2011:

Legit – what does that mean, and how did you come up with it?
Legit can be equated with the words “real”, “cool”, or “strong”. The name comes from my friend and colleague at the time, Dwayne Flamer. I used to be called DJ M-Style, and he said to me: this name doesn’t suit you! And then we came up with legit.

You’ve been in the business for “a few years” now. When and how did it all start?
Even as a teenager, I was drawn to music and DJing and practiced at private events. In 2002 I took part in a DJ contest at the Octagon Club in Eltmann/Germany, and was the only hip-hop DJ to win against all my competitors. That’s how it all started, and little by little, bookings came in regularly.

Your music styles as a DJ are HipHop, R’n’B, Reggae/Dancehall, Crunk, Latino, or similar. Is that also your private style or do you prefer other sounds?
Privately my heart beats rather a soft R’n’B beat. I have always been impressed by Jaheim and his music. But I also like to listen to other east coast artists or some reggaeton records.

As far as we know, DJing is not your full-time job. Is that right? What are the motivations that you are still DJing as well?
That’s right, I do it part-time. I could say now that it’s a kind of balance to the job or love for music – which is of course true! But the main reason for me is that DJing has simply become a part of my life for more than 10 years now and I can’t just give up this important part. I would miss so many people and – even though a lot has changed in the last years – there are still some rituals and nice side things that save even the most difficult evenings.

If you briefly review the last few years: What were important moments in your DJ life that shaped you?
On the one hand, it was definitely my time with Dwayne, through which I got to know a different attitude to life and a different relationship to music. On the other hand, there are dozens of evenings – even if sometimes only as a “guest” with DJ Gary – where I was allowed to experience the weirdest things. Also, as an observer with DJ James at the turntables, you are shaped a lot… The moment when such times often end abruptly, and you are on your own again with some things, also changed me. Important experiences were of course also the times as a resident in the Savoy Burgkunstadt, Fun Hirschaid or in the Granada in Idar-Oberstein, where you had to learn quickly to come up with something new every week for years but also to meet the expectations of the audience. After 6 or 7 years as a resident of a club, when you have experienced good and bad times and then also the end, you like to look back.

What is important to you when choosing music titles?
In any case, with some exceptions, everything should be danceable. Of course, you can say that anything with a beat and a rhythm can be danced to. But nobody comes to a club to listen to slow jams on the dance floor around 01:00. Everything should fit the guests, the situation and the time. That’s why my motto is to have the right thing for every situation. This can be an AMG track, the current Tyga song or even a commercial Usher title.

How can you imagine DJ Legit before a gig? Do you have certain rituals?
Do I go to the bathroom beforehand? That too (laughs). But it’s more important for me to check the music pools of the samples at home, to listen to a few tracks in the car before I start and then to say “hello” to all the staff in the club. Then all that’s left is to have a drink with the boss or colleagues. We’ll deal with the place setting in another post, won’t we?

Is there anything that particularly annoys you as an experienced DJ?
Disrespect – no matter from whom! DJs who don’t want to understand that it’s ALSO a job and conceited “colleagues” who think they know how things work after 5 bookings… Otherwise, we’re all just there to have a great evening and no stress. What the heck… I’m too old to be annoyed over and over again about the same thing I can not change.

What was the most bizarre thing that ever happened to you at a gig?
Mmmhh… something like waking up in the disco after an evening at 11:00 in the morning on a sofa or at the bar? When guests come to the DJ booth and want to order something to drink? The operator asks me if I can play 2-3 Disko Fox titles for him at 1:00 am? You can’t find your car in the morning? I think you realize… there are many strange things a DJ experiences.

Is there something that you particularly value? Something you would like to share here with your colleagues, fans, friends and readers?
Message to colleagues, “We’re only as old as we feel!” & “Let’s visit GEMA together and ask who we should pay for…” Dear guests: “Please stop calling me “Sir” or “Mr” otherwise, I feel so old…”