Becoming an Atlassian Certified Expert

An Atlassian Certified Expert is Atlassian’s top Standing for Certified Individuals and was renamed from “Atlassian Certified Master” before. Atlassian Certified Experts are individuals showing expertise across several Atlassian solutions.

Atlassian has defined requirements for earning and maintaining that standing. Those required certifications for holding the Atlassian Certified Expert credential are changed as new credentials are released, and other credentials are permanently retired by Atlassian. As long as all underlying Certifications are in Active status, you will continue to hold the designation. So be sure to be aware of all dates your certifications will be suspended or retired!

You find that standing in the Atlassian Certification Portal by clicking on the “Standings” link.

In the beginning, you needed to hold the standing any four (or more) active certificates at the same time, but at the moment, there are different ways to stand out among the best and call yourself an Atlassian Certified Expert.

  • holding only Atlassian Cloud Certifications
  • combining Cloud, Data Center, and Server Certifications
  • holding only Data Center and Server Certifications

Because some certifications will retire on 2 February 2024, my suggestion would be to focus even already now only on the active certifications after that date. So using only Data Center and Sever Certifications is, at the moment, only possible if you already hold ACP-JSD “Atlassian Certified Jira Service Desk Administrator” or ACP-SA “Atlassian Certified System Administrator” and you will lose that standing soon already again.

Combining cloud and data center or focusing on the cloud certifications is the best approach to hold the Atlassian Certified Expert as long as possible and demonstrate expertise at the highest level.

You can find all the up-to-date requirements in the Atlassian University using this link: Atlassian Certified Expert: Atlassian

For everybody who is going for only cloud certifications, I would suggest the following path of exams and certifications to reach the designation.

  1. ACP-620 -> ACP-MJCP Atlassian Certified in Managing Jira Projects for Cloud
  2. ACP-120 -> ACP-JCA Atlassian Certified Jira Administrator for Cloud
  3. ACP-520 -> ACP-OA Atlassian Cloud Organization Admin
  4. Choosing between or both:
Become an Atlassian Certified Expert using only Cloud Certifications

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